The answers for every pictoword will be posted here. It will get updated every Monday with the previous week’s answers.

Below is a list of every pictoword done including a link.

121. always let your conscience be your guide…: BUZZ LIGHTYEAR (bus+lied+tier)
120. transform and roll out!: KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN (ken+duck+key+freight+jig+qin)
119. they’re magically delicious!!: SHERLOCK HOLMES (shear+luck+homes)
118. Son of a gun didaly-on: DANITY KANE (dan+ned+D in morse code+kane)
117. why was there no office last night?!!?! raaawr: OCTOBER (hug+tube+purr)
116. is that ribosome or are you just happy to see me?: MISCELLANEOUS (miss+cell+hay+knees)
115. for my ancestors!: DURAN DURAN (tauren x 2 = tauren tauren)
114. pirates make the summer go round and round: OBITUARY (orbit-arrrr+chew+horry)
113. pizza dude’s got 30 seconds…: MOHINDER SURESH (moe+inter milan-milan+sewer+rush)
112. it tastes so good once it touches your lips… PORTUGESE (porch+chug+geese)
111. fear does not exist in this dojo, does it? MOZAMBIQUE (mose+sum 41-41+beak)
110. free at last! OPRAH WINFREY (hoop+bra+wind+free)
109. hip. hip hop. hip hop anonymous?!?! ARCHIPELAGO (arc+hippo+lego)
108. not a fan of the ladies, eh trebek? WHACHAMACALLIT (wad+chomsky-ski+moogle+lead)
107. starman was the man in pro wrestling for nes: JAMIROQUAI (jem+arrow+qoo+Y)
106. poker? i don’t even know her!: SARAH PALIN (sear+rap+all in)
105. curly mustache! oh he got the mango sentinel!: USAIN BOLT (hussein+catapult-geta)
104. eggs make the world go round and round: YOGURTLAND (yolk+kurt+land)
103. aaaaaaaand we’re back!!!!: KABA MODERN (cop+pom+otter+urn)
102. fresh clouds smell like high resolution movies: RHINOCEROS (blu ray-blue+nose+cirrus)
101. gimme your jeans!!!!: MACARONI AND CHEESE (mugger+ronny+cheese)
100. first minus sign ever!!!: ONE HUNDRED (won+hunt+dread)
99. always pray when you wash vegetables: MARIE CALLENDAR (mary+collander)
98. anyone else wanna do a guest picto? i like to guess too!: MICHAEL PHELPS (mike+kill+fill+piss)
97. I’m saving forever for Mike (guest picto 3!!! on a roll!): NISSAN MAXIMA (shanice+sun+maxi+MA)
96. Battle Rappers vs Tanks… Who ya got??(another guest picto by Flipmodesquad): PEZ DISPENSER (peas+diss+panzer)
94. final fantasy viii sucks: CAESAR SALAD (caesar+zell+lid)
93. i got a new mouse. that’s why the drawings suck for right now: LOUIS VUITTON (louie+futon)
92. tv contest #5: HEROES (hear+hose)
91. tv contest #4: SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (soy+hue+think+yucca+N+dunce)
90. tv contest #3: 24 (twin+tee+eve+R)
89. tv contest #2: BACHELORETTE (batch+yellow+reed)
88. tv contest #1: ROB & BIG (robin+pig)
87. are there ducks in hawaii?: GUACAMOLE (quack+camel+lei)
86. skeletor loves the internet: ONE REPUBLIC (won+rib+hub+lock)
85. cows love green fruits: FAMILY MATTERS (fan+heel+lime+udders)
84. ingredients = sugar, water, purple: ESCALADE (ass+kool aid)
83. i love coconuts and green hair: BARACK OBAMA (baraka+palm+ah!)
82. there’s no bubbly allowed in the bathroom: CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH (zima+men+toast+grinch)
81. because of you i fall from the trees: CALIFORNIA (kel+leaf+horn+neyo)
80. noah wore lacoste whilst jumping with pom poms: ARCHITECTURE (ark+cat+tag+cheer)
79. kobe and kakashi are bff: JON AND KATE PLUS 8 (jounin+gate+pill+ooze+eight)
78. destroy the onions: JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE (juice+den+timber+leek)
77. playing catch under the sea: MITSUBISHI (mitt+sub+peach+E!)
76. keep the roman architecture cold: FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR (fridge+prints+hef+pillar)
75. michael jackson needs training wheels: DRY CLEANERS (trike+lean+hairs)
74. more ff vii remakes! hooray!: TOYS R US (toys + aeries)
73. roll them chairs: CITIZEN KANE (sit+dice+hand+cane)
72. music contest #4: GREAT BALLS OF FIRE (grape+pulse+fire)
71. music contest #3: PURPLE RAIN (burp+peel+ryan)
70. music contest #2: WANNA BE STARTING SOMETHING (wand+tub+east+heart+ink+sum+thing)
69. music contest #1: MACARENA (mac+car+rain+ha)
68. stunna shades ftw: VERIZON (fur+rice+sun)
67. shortest pictoword yet: KARAOKE (carry+hoagie)
66. enter to become blingin’: REFRIGERATOR (ref+rich+jar+aid+door)
65. i got the magic ocean: ?!?! i seriously forgot what the answer should be here. crazy! i will buy you a soda if you figure this one out. hahaha the pictures are (trick+guillen+ball+sea)
64. legs and lollipops make good cereal: ELECTRICITY (heel+lick+trix+city)
63. bunnies have ear wax too: MARIO LOPEZ (mario+lobe+pez)
62. check out my acoustic demo on ATLANTIC CITY (hat+lamp+pick+cd)
61. i eat diamonds for dessert: CHAMPIONSHIP (gem+pie+hemp+chip)
60. how many licks does it take to get to the center of an execution?: ORANGUTAN (orange+hoot+hang)
59. chicken tastes good in the mail: WATERMELON (wad+arm+mail+hen)
58. i’mma punch you in your face…: PHYSICAL THERAPY (fist+sickle+thor+happy)
57. hot dogs, pepsi and beer: FRANKENSTEIN (frank+can+stein)
56. don’t dunk on me bro!: PANASONIC (pin+nissan+nique)
55. my arm is in my family tree: ENTOURAGE (aunt+tour+rash)
54. the seattle elvendogs: LINKIN PARK (link+kemp+bark)
53. hai hai hai: MONOPOLY (moon + knob + pulley)
52. rolling around in the trees: OLYMPICS (howl + limb + pigs)
51. redheads are hairy: ANNIVERSARY (annie + fierce + hairy)
50. i hope they have mini golf in heaven: PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY (bean + hut + putter + angel + E)
49. waaaaaooooooooo: GHOSTBUSTER (kost + buzz + dare)
48. video game contest #4 and #5: RESIDENT EVIL (race+seed+dent+heave+fill) and GRAN TURISMO (grin+tourist+moe)
47. video game contest #3: LEGEND OF ZELDA (leech+jam+off+sale+toe)
46. video game contest #2: METAL GEAR SOLID (middle+car+salt+hit)
45. video game contest #1: DONKEY KONG COUNTRY (dunk+gi+gong+gun+tree)
44. stop for fries: ULTIMATE FRISBEE (halt + dime + mat + fries + bi)
43. naked in the morning: ISAAC NEWTON (ice + sag + nude + dawn)
42. scrambled books: EXCELLENT (eggs + sail + end)
41. cough drops taste good in a meadow: LOS ANGELES LAKERS (lozange + chalice + lake + gears)
40. trojans love the lakers: MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE (mikan + nickel + romance)
39. trashing seals in the mystery machine: PENNSYLVANIA (bin+seal+van+yo)
38. babies love doritos: CHIPOTLE (chip+pot+lay)
37. tomatoburgesa: PHILADELPHIA (vile+eat+elf+v8)
36. colon, end parenthesis: HONEY NUT CHEERIOS (honey+nut+cherry+hose)
35. gotta slice em all!!!: ASHTON KUTCHER (ash+tan+cut+chair)
34. transform and throw up: JESSICA ALBA (jazz+sick+go+hill+baaaaa)
33. calling all killer whales: SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA (zim+phone+knee+orca+straw)
32. batting for birds: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (bat+deal+star+gull+leg+dig+caw)
31. sax-a-ma-phooooone: TEXAS HOLD EM (take+sax+hole+in)
30. teabagging the solar system: MERCEDES BENZ (mars+sad+teas+pens)
29. movies contest #5: (back+tooth+hef+food+tear) – BACK TO THE FUTURE (crutch+sing+thai+kerr+head+tin+drag+cone) – CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON
movies contest #4:(ankle+leash+pass+chin) – ENGLISH PATIENT (hoof+vice+spades) – OFFICE SPACE
movies contest #3: (last+summer+eye) – LAST SAMURAI (indian+aw+chone) – INDIANA JONES
movies contest #2: (ink+crate+dip+balls) – INCREDIBLES (gut+veil+oz) – GOODFELLAS
movies contest #1: (hammer+rake+yen+hiss+door+hi+hex) – AMERICAN HISTORY X (ream+mihm+bar+thaw+tight+tons) – REMEMBER THE TITANS
24. sad bears in a sandbox: COLONEL SANDERS (cornell+sand+tears)
23. tiiiiiiiiiiiiger elephant: SCREWDRIVER (scar+hoot+tree+fear)
22. pizza time!: AFGHANISTAN (half+can+knee+stand)
21. green arrows galore!!!: ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH (hat+pear+crumb+pea+amp+fish)
20. turn the lights on when riding a bike: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE (wheel+lee+on+shake+spear)
19. brew and stew make you say ‘i do’: SUPER MARIO BROTHERS (soup+beer+marry+hoe+brow+thirst)
18. tim “the tool man” naruto: CONGRATULATIONS (gum+gaara+tool+haitian)
17. unhappy clouds play golf: TRANSFORMERS (tar+rain+fore+mirror)
16. camel burgers love poker: HUMPHREY BOGART (hump+free+book+card)
15. magic sheepies: WOLVERINE (wool+fairy+reed)
14. lighting an emo on fire: WIKIPEDIA (wick+hip+PDA)
13. heebie shark eyes: FINAL FANTASY (fin+nail+fan+toss+see)
12. eating corn + rowing = fast sprinter: TYRANNOSAUR (tire+ran+nos+oar+husk)
11. cruisin’ on a river: STARCRAFT (sit+hair+car+raft)
10. dressing up for a blazing titanic: ANTIVIRUS (ham+tie+fire+rust)
9. insects, and grizzlies, and redheads, OH MY!: KOBE BRYANT (coat+bee+bear+eye+hand)
8. bloody phone calls: MICHAELANGELO (mic+call+ant+jello)
7. super rodent arms: RATATOUILLE (rat+tattoo+wii)
6. fishing with $5 bills: APRIL FOOL’S DAY (abe+reel+fuel+dye)
5. spiky blonde hatchet: COMPLEX (comb+pull+axe)
4. punching cats: JABBAWOCKEEZ (jab+paw+walk+keys)
3. duck monsters: BLIZZARD (bill+lizard)
2. bunnies love fresh breath: APARTMENT (hop+heart+mint)
1. definition: PENCIL (pen+sill)


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