69. music song contest #1

this week starts a new contest. the theme of the contest is song titles. hopefully it will be more of an even playing field for everyone. the way it works if you don’t know is the person who gets the most correct answers first will win a free prize from here: www.cafepress.com/afr0ninja

last week’s answers:

64. legs and lollipops make good cereal: ELECTRICITY (heel+lick+trix+city)
65. i got the magic ocean: ?!?! i seriously forgot what the answer should be here. crazy! i will buy you a soda if you figure this one out. hahaha the pictures are (trick+guillen+ball+sea)
66. enter to become blingin’: REFRIGERATOR (ref+rich+jar+aid+door)
67. shortest pictoword yet: KARAOKE (carry+hoagie)
68. stunna shades ftw: VERIZON (fur+rice+sun)


4 thoughts on “69. music song contest #1

  1. /thumbs up.

    i don’t think i ever got you the reward for last month’s prize, huh? well i guess you can get two prizes if you win this time. haha

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