45. video game contest #1

just fyi, most correct answers this week wins a free prize of his/her choice from here! holler holler holler

last week’s answers:

40. trojans love the lakers: my chemical romance (mikan + nickel + romance)
41. cough drops taste good in a meadow: los angeles lakers (lozange + chalice + lake + gears)
42. scrambled books: excellent (eggs + sail + end)
43. naked in the morning: isaac newton (ice + sag + nude + dawn)
44. stop for fries: ultimate frisbee (halt + dime + mat + fries + bi)

epic fail.

yes i know. i didn’t put up a pictoword today for the start of the new contest, or the answers from last week, or a new design for a t-shirt. i was away at big bear this weekend and didn’t get back until tonight. tomorrow i will be starting the contest and on friday there will be two pictowords to make up for today’s epic fail.

the above picture is me hanging my head in epic shame for my epic fail.