5. spiky blonde hatchet


last week’s answers:

punching cats: jabbawockeez(jab+paw+walk+keys)
duck monsters: blizzard(bill+lizard)
bunnies love fresh breath: apartment(hop+heart+mint)
definition: pencil(pen+sill)


3 thoughts on “5. spiky blonde hatchet

  1. I think that you should include the comics along with these answers. That way I won’t have to go searching for the old entry (I don’t remember what all of them look like).

  2. although that might be helpful, i like having each post be as simple as possible. i know most people don’t know what each pictoword looks like, so that’s why the links are directly on the left side for you to find easily. in addition, you can click on the calendar on the right side to easily view the previous weeks’ answers.

    i mean if people really can’t find the links to those posts, then maybe they shouldn’t be doing any problem solving like this. haha

    but someone guessed this in like one minute. should i make these harder? i thought this one was pretty challenging. guess not.

    is there anyone even out there in cyberspace reading this??

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